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Whether on a shelf or as a centre piece for a coffee table or placed wherever your heart desires you will enjoy them as much as I did creating them. All shells come sealed in a light gloss finish. For cleaning, they should be gently wiped with wet cloth but not submerged in water as they are not fully waterproof. A gorgeous gift for any occasion (Wedding, Birthdays, Bridesmaids, Christmas, etc) and come in a variety of designs. Each shell is unique resulting in a truly one of a kind design for you.


I first bought some decoupage shells from Anthea at our local market and was delighted with them. I was so amazed by the quality I ordered and received shells with pearls as Wedding Favours. I also purchased several at the Christmas market as tree decorations and gifts for my family and friends. Such a clever lady.

S.Alsop, Devon

Anthea, what a great idea; creative, so pretty and well made. I shall be ordering more.

Chony B. Hailsham


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